Holstebro Theatre

Theatre for everyone

Holstebro Theatre is the regional theatre in Holstebro and consists of three strong stage arts units: Holstebro Musical & Theatre, Holstebro Dance Company, and Holstebro Children’s & Youth Theatre.

As regional theatre, it covers the need for theatre shows in the Municipality of Holstebro and surrounding areas. Moreover, it plays a central role in the Danish performing arts industry.

Holstebro Theatre was established in 2013 with the name Black Box Theatre. Shortly thereafter, Black Box Dance Company (now Holstebro Dance Company) saw the light of day. In addition, the collaboration with Teater O about Children’s Theatre came to light, as well as partnerships with several theatres and musical institutions across the country.

The theatre produces at least two professional performance arts shows a year. It is located in the centre of Holstebro at Musikteatret Holstebro with address on the Røde Plads 16.

It is no coincidence that the theatre resides in the Municipality of Holstebro. Holstebro is a municipality who encompasses and supports a rich and broad cultural life.

With pride, Holstebro can call itself one of the most cultural promoting cities in Denmark, and thus a city who distinguishes itself within artistical development and expression.

Holstebro Theatre is supported by:

Holstebro kommune supports Holstebro Theatre