Dance is for everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, education, social or cultural background.

Holstebro Dance Company puts the thoughts and feelings of today in motion. Through dance, we create moving, inspiring, relevant, and entertaining dance experiences.

We carry out the dance with dance performances and dance experiences in a variety of formats. Thus, you can meet us on both the large and small stages, as well as streets, schools, at workplaces and much more.
Through these spaces, we meet a broad variety of audience both locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are the frontrunners of the newest generation of professional dancers from all of Europe. Our annual audition attracts more than 1000 applicants from the whole world.

We work with many different choreographies, approaches, and genres within the world of dance. We never let ourselves be limited and are always curious towards the art itself, our time, and the audience.

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