• Premiere

    3rd of May 2023

  • Varighed

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Let yourself be seduced by the magnificent musical bang of power and love

EVITA is a masterly composed musical, which has gone from strength to strength, for decades.

EVITA tells the captivating story of the Argentine Eva Perón (1919-1952), who, as the Cinderella of South America, rises from the poor lower class and becomes the celebrated First Lady of the country, married to president, Juan Perón. Born into poverty and with an acting carrier as her starting point, she became an influential politician, activist and philanthropist. Loved by the people but also a powerful seducer, due to her marriage and talent for self promotion.

Music and text to EVITA, which includes the iconic Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, is created by the kings of musical, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. They also created Jesus Christ Superstar and have received a number of awards, throughout the years. The succesfull musical was made into film with Madonna and Antonio Banderas as the leading roles.

As Evita you get Sarah Viktoria Bjerregaard, who is former Reumert nominated and known from the film, Lykke-Per, by Bille August. As Juan Perón, you can experience the singer, Bjørn Fjæstad, who has participated in several theatre concerts at Aarhus Theatre, latest Lazarus.

The music is played by a live orchestra, under the leadership of Martin Konge. In addition, dancers from Holstebro Dance Company will perform.

  • Music

    Andrew Lloyd

  • Text

    Tim Rice

  • Originally directed by

    Harold Prince

  • Translator

    Kenneth Thordal

  • Direction

    Sara Cronberg

  • Scenography & costumer

    Franciska Zahle

  • Choreography

    Melker Sörensen

  • Conductor

    Martin Konge

  • Light design

    Mathias Hersland

  • Sound design

    Lars Gaarde

  • Contributors

    Sarah Viktoria Bjerregaard, Emil Prenter, Bjørn Fjæstad, Amanda Friis Jürgensen, Christine Sonnich Møller, Mille Lambert, Rikke Lillevang, Jacob Priser, Emil Asbjørn Madsen, Eric Hallengren, Leila Jung

  • Photos

    Emilia Therese

Participating dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Photo of Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
    Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup

    Danish Mikkel Alexander Toettrup received his education from the Iwanson International School, München in 2018. Since then, Mikkel has been a part of several productions by Johannes Härtl and Nadine Gerspacher amongst others. Mikkel has composed music and initiated several theatre associations.

    He joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2020.


    Follow Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Jasmine Gordon
    Jasmine Gordon

    Danish Jasmine Gordon received her education from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds in 2018. The, she continued her education with a master´s degree and an internship at the Phoenix Dance Theatre. Since then, she has worked with Ingrid Fiksdal and the Royal Danish Theatre.

    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2020.


    Follow Jasmine Gordon on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Lionel Ah-Sou
    Lionel Ah-Sou