Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare’s masterly love story, Romeo & Juliet, told on a vibrant stage

A balcony in the Italian city, Verona, has through generations attracted young lovers with an almost magnetic force.
This was the place Shakespeare for more than 400 years set the stage for the most iconic love story ever seen.

Romeo and Juliette are two young people who fall madly in love at a grand masquerade ball. It is love at first sight – a hormonal rush without equal.
In secrecy, Romeo seeks out Juliet and they bathe in honey-sweet fantasies of a forever after together.

However, it is an impossible love. Their two families; the Capulet and the Montagues, are in an irreconcilable strife with each other.
In contrast to the two houses firm, strategic ideas of marriage, stands the pure and uncorrupted innocence of young love.  

“Is there a world outside of Verona?” asks Romeo – if so, they could escape and marry.

Experience the two new, upcoming stars from Aarhus Theatre in splendid interaction. Mette Klakstein, who received the Reumert Talent Award in 2020, plays Juliet and Viktor Pascoe Medom plays Romeo. They are flanked by an outstanding team of actors from the theatre.

An original Norwegian pair add a new dimension to the drama and the scenic images; the international, upcoming director Maren Bjørseth and scenographer Olav Myrvedt.

With them on stage are Aarhus Theatres composer Marie Koldkjær Højlund, dancers from Holstebro Dance Company, and Aarhus Theatre’s chorus.

You can look forward to an explosive, lust-filled, and obsessive journey beyond the abyss of love.

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Romeo & Juliet is presented alongside

  • By

    William Shaakespeare

  • Translation

    Niels Brunse

  • Staged by

    Maren Bjørseth

  • Scenography and costume design

    Olav Myrtvedt

  • Compositions

    Marie Koldkjær Højlund

  • Light design

    Mathias Hersland

  • Sound design

    Lars Gaarde