• Premiere

    3rd of April 2024

Se spilledatoer

The Dance of Death

A gripping journey with the “Dance of Death” – a modern dance performance based on August Strindberg’s iconic masterpiece. Passion, conflict and love are beautifully shown through the dance.

After 25 years of marriage, Alice and Edgar face fateful decisions that challenge their lives. Into their isolated world, a young relative named Kurt steps in, and dangerous feelings ignite, leading to a passionate threesome story.

With an international ensemble on stage, including acclaimed dancers Marie Brolin-Tani (SE/DK), Melody Putu (ZA) and Lionel Ah Sou (FR), “The Dance of Death” becomes a cultural and emotional melting pot that appeals to all senses.

Dance and physical theatre portray the inner struggles and relationships of the characters in a timeless and deeply moving way. Music that includes selected songs by Nina Simone brings emotions to life and immerses the experience.

“The Dance of Death” unites the depth of the past with the beauty of the present, bringing Strindberg’s work to life in a unique performance that will touch your mind and heart. It’s a fusion of dance, music and drama that draws you into an intensely intimate world of passion, conflict and beauty.

  • Concept and idea

    Marie Brolin-Tani and Melody Putu

  • Choreography and staging

    Thomas Bentin

  • Participating and co-creating dancers

    Marie-Tani, Melody Putu and Lionel Ah-Sou

  • Music and sound design

    Christian Tronhjem

  • Costume design

    Åsa Gjerstad

  • Lighting design

    Hans-Olof Tani

  • Choreographic consultant and producer

    David Cornelius Price