• Premiere

    28th of March 2023

  • Duration

    90 min.

Se spilledatoer

The Swamp

The swamp of the internet is inscrutable and growing wild. You are being drawn into it, and you cannot find up or down, and you can even perish – and die.

THE SWAMP is a performance installation about the pitfalls of the internet, and the manipulation and violence that take place underneath the radar on the dark internet.

We are spending more and more time on the internet, being online for hours, and spend a large part of our social lifes in a virtuel universe. What kind of influence does it have on us? How are we being affected and manipulated? And what kind of narratives are sucking us into the dark part of the digital univers with its consequences – personally and societal?

You are being invited into a compelling, mysterious and wild growing swamp. On the way, you lose your sense of directness, and therefore you have to take part of the responsibility for the rest of the way through the swamp. But who decides the rules of the game? And is it even a game, or the harsh reality?

THE SWAMP is the latest addition of Kassandra Production’s series about manipulation, lies and power, which has served as a launch pad for the performances HOOKED and The Soul Catcher – unmasking the modern predator?

Age: from 16 years

  • Staging and cast

    Annikka B Lewis & Helene Kvint

  • Performers

    Petra Banke & Magnus kongsgaard

  • Scenography

    Signe Krogh

  • Lighting design

    Morten Ladefoged

  • Music

    Jens Mønsted

  • Dramaturg

    Daniel Wedel

  • Producent

    Ann-Jette Caron

  • Photographer

    Jens Peter Engedal

  • PR

    Jakob D. A. Nicolaisen

  • Video trailer

    Christoffer Brekne

  • Supported by

    Statens Kunstfond, William Demant Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Beckett-fonden og A.P. Møller Fonden