The Team

Meet all the exceptional dancers in Holstebro Dance Company along with the highly engaged people behind the scenes who makes everything run smoothly.

The dancers are all professionals in the beginning of their carrier. Following impressive performances at auditions, they became a part of Holstebro Dance Company.
When it is time for audition, hundreds of young professional dancers from all over the world flock to Holstebro in the pursuit of one of the coveted spots in Holstebro Dance Company.
At the last audition, more than 1000 hopeful dancers admitted their video in which the showcased their talents, however only six skilled dancers were selected to be a part of Holstebro Dance Company.

Auditions and job openings at Holstebro Dance Company will be announced here on the website and on Instagram.



  • Photo of Luke Hodkinson
    Luke Hodkinson

    English Luke started dancing through cheerleading and hip hop, before graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2021. Since then, they has worked across commercial and contemporary settings with the likes of Alexandra Green, Hannah Marshall and Corey Baker, touring pop-up contemporary dance in Scotland and performing in the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

    United Kingdom


    They joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2022

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    Photographer: Ditte Chemnitz

  • Photo of Ella Ström
    Ella Ström

    Ella Ström is from a small town in Dalarna, Sweden. She moved from home when she was 16, so she could dance! In 2022, she got her diploma as a professional dancer in contemporary dance at the Swedish Ballet Academy, in Stockholm. Besides dancing, she loves to sing and has recieved singing lessons for 6 years. 



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    Photographer: Ditte Chemnitz

  • Photo of Amalie Stitz
    Amalie Stitz

    Amalie Stitz completed her education at Danceworks Berlin in 2021. She is still based in Berlin, where she dances for FMKF Collective by Franka Marlene Foth. In addition, she teaches floorwork (flow acrobatics) and commercial/hip hop dance. 

    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Caroline Rodrigues
    Caroline Rodrigues

    Brazilian Caroline Rodrigues is a graduate of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Previously, she worked with ballet in São Paulo, but in 2021 she came to Europe to dance in both Germany and Denmark. 


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Giorgia Reitani
    Giorgia Reitani

    Italian Giorgia Reitani started her professional dance education at Iwanson International. After her graduation in 2016, she joined for 2 years Tanzcompagnie Volksteather Rostock. Between 2019 and 2022 she was part of Holstebro Dansekompagni. She is now a freelance dance artist based in Copenhagen, collaborating with Holstebro Dansekompagni, Uppercut Danseteater, Don Gnu and producing her own pieces.


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  • Photo of Kateryna Kuznetsova
    Kateryna Kuznetsova

    Ukrainian Kateryna Kuznetsova graduated in 2015 from Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University in Ukraine, from where she graduated in modern dance. From 2016-2022, she worked at the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theater. As of 2020, Kateryna was an assistant choreographer at Insha Vystava Dance Company in Kyiv, Ukraine.


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Oleksandra Maksymchuk
    Oleksandra Maksymchuk

    Ukrainian Oleksandra Maksymchuk graduated in modern dance at the Dnipropetrovsk College of Culture and Arts. Subsequently, she further specialized in the same field at Berdyansk Pedagogical University. In addition, Oleksandra has 3 years of experience as a ballet dancer at the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theater. 


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Marco Rizzi
    Marco Rizzi

    Italian Marco received his dance training while also joining the Giovane Balletto Mediterraneo. After an internship at the Tanz Luzerner Theater, he graduated from Codarts in 2015.
    From 2016 until 2020, he was part of Holstebro Dance Company. As a freelance dance artist based in Berlin, he works in Germany and across Europe. He has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, exploring various creations in institutional and freelance settings.


    He/ Him

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    Photo: Studio Monbijou Berlin.

  • Photo of Nikoline

    Nikoline graduated from CDSH (DE) in 2017 and received a scholarship to NOD in Turin (IT). She has since worked at home and abroad with Danish Dance Theatre, WangRamirez, Deleón Company, Thomas Bentin, Uppercut Dance Theatre and others.

    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Yekatierina Bysheva
    Yekatierina Bysheva

    Ukrainian Yekatierina Bysheva is currently doing her bachelor's degree at Kyiv University of Culture and Arts. In addition, she is a member of the independent performing companies, Procontemporary and people. 


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Igea Noioso
    Igea Noioso

    Igea comes from Italy and started dancing through ballet technique before training as a contemporary dancer and graduating from Trinity Laban conservatoire of music and dance in London.

    She is currently an apprentice for Holstebro dance company. 


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Yeji Lim
    Yeji Lim

    Yeji Lim was born in South Korea and started dancing through ballet training at the Yewon Arts middle school and Seoul Art high school. During her dance training, she desired to explore the European Dance scene and in 2015, she decided to study abroad. In 2019, she started her BA program in Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts under the direction of Dieter Heitkamp. After her apprenticeship with the Norrdans in Sweden, she joined Holstebro Dance Company in 2023. 

    South Korea  

    She/ Her  

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  • Photo of Sofiia Butiaga
    Sofiia Butiaga

    Ukrainian Sofiia Butiaga graduated from the leading dance school Fors in Kyiv. After the war has started she fled to Sweden where she completed her education in the Royal Swedish Ballet School on the one-year international dance program. In July 2023 she had an internship with IlYoung. Besides dancing she is doing modeling and she is into photography and videography, playing musical instruments and writing.

    She joined the Holstebro Dance Company as an apprentice in August 2023.   


    She/ Her

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  • Photo of Carley Lund
    Carley Lund

    Carley Lund is from a small town in Vermont, USA. She completed her classical training under Stefania Nardi at the Vermont Center for Dance Education as well as from Adelphi University; where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance. Following her undergrad, she joined contemporary repertoire company, Boston Dance Theater, from 2020 to 2023. In October 2023, she traveled abroad and joined Holstebro Dansekompagni. 


    She/ her

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  • Photo of Marie Brolin-Tani
    Marie Brolin-Tani

    Artistic director & choreographer

    Swedish Marie Brolin-Tani has since 2013 been Artistic director at Holstebro Dance Company. As one of the key players within modern Scandinavian dance, she has had a special connection to Aarhus where she for many years worked and lived. First, she worked as a dancer at the Danish National Opera and Aarhus Theatre, since as founder and manager of MBT Dance Theatre - one of the leading dance companies in Denmark.

    Following her time in Aarhus, she became the Artistic directorof the internationally recognised dance company in Skåne, Sweden, where she lead the company towards success and created its current base and expression.

    The long resumé of Marie as both choreographer and instructor of films, theatre, and dance, is marked by a series of recognitions ad awards, including several Reumert nominations and receptions.

    Amongst others, Marie has choreographed the successful performance, "Elsker dig for evigt" for Holstebro Dance Company and the Musikhuset Aarhus.


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  • Photo of David Cornelius Price
    David Cornelius Price

    Associate artistic director and producer

    Danish David C. Price has since 2020 been employed at Holstebro Dance Company as associat artistic leader and producer, and before this in role of both dancer, rehearsal director, tour and production manager. With an early start in ballet, David debuted as a professional dancer at the age of 15. Since then, he received his education from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2011.

    David has worked in both Denmark and abroad as company and freelance dancer and has collaborated with numerous choreographers and performance arts artists.

    Amongst others, David has been a dancer at Holstebro Dance Company. He has recived various recognitians such Reumert Talent Award and Ballet master Albert Gaubier Award and grant.

    He has studied at Copenhagen Business School and is today studying a diploma programme in Artistic Production and Cultural Management at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

    As of 2022 David is a member of the Performing Arts Committee at the Danish Arts Foundation.


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  • Photo of Anna Marie Houe
    Anna Marie Houe

    Administrator and coordinator

    Anna Marie Houe has been employed as administrator and coordinator at Holstebro Dance Company since October 2023.

    Anna Marie is a dramaturg with many years of experience in project management and administration of international, regional and local cultural and performing arts projects.

    Since 2015, Anna Marie has been permanently employed at Odin Teatret – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Holstebro, and Team Teatret, Herning. Here she has acquired broad experience in several different areas, including project management, dramaturgical work, PR, communication, outreach and as a theatre teacher. Before this, she has worked with performing arts in Aarhus and Copenhagen, as well as been on extended stays in India to research Indian dance theatre and multicultural performing arts. In addition, Anna Marie also draws on experience as a self-employed person and evening school leader.