• Premiere

    October 27th, 2022

  • Duration

    95 minuttes incl. break

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In 2022, music from the multi-talented artist Björk becomes a dance performance by Holstebro Dance Company

As the first in Denmark, Holstebro Dance Company has gained the rights to the music from the unique, international artist, Björk. 12 of the artists songs are selected to create the dance performance Björk.

The dance performance Björk will premiere in Holstebro on October 27th 2022. Afterwards the performance will go on tour throughout the country until 2024.

2 choreographers behind the dance performance Björk

The Icelandic superstar is known for pushing and blurring the boundaries of the musical universe. She fluently moves between the aesthetic and the artistic. Based on this universe, the two choreographers, Dolly Sfeir and Gunilla Lind, will create two unique dance performances.

“It is a huge honour to be the first in Denmark to get the opportunity to interpret Björk’s avantgarde and intense universe into a dance performance. Throughout her career, since her debut in the 90’s, she has been a unique individual.

The audience can look forward to an interpretation of 12 distinctive songs. The songs will get a physical danse expression that is as strong as the vocal and the music,” states David Price, associated artistical manager and producer at Holstebro Dance Company.

12 songs, two unique performances

The dance performance Björk consists of two unique performances. In these, the young and sought-after choreographers will dive into 12 selected Björk songs from different decades. Thus, Gunilla Lind and Dolly Sfeir will interpret the music in their own fashion.

The performance will, amongst others, include Venus as a boy from the debut album in 1993, Hidden Place from the 2001 album Vespertine as well as Army of Me from 1995

The award-winning choreographer Gunilla Lind will showcase a strong visual expression with references from pop culture. Love will be the focus through pompous and grand emotional expressions.  

In the performance by American-Lebanese choreographer and film director Dolly Sfeir, the audience will experience a more storytelling – almost filmic choreographic production. Sfeir’s own background growing up in a Middle Eastern culture will be a driving factor in the performance.

Through an intense and poetic dance experience composer and sound designer, Marie Højlund, will create a sound universe for the dance performance Björk.

  • Choreography

    Dolly Sfeir & Gunilla Lind

  • Music


  • Dramaturgy

    Rikke Frigast Jakobsen

  • Composition & sound universe

    Marie Koldkjær Højlund

  • Scenography & costume design

    Åsa Gjerstad

  • Sound design

    Thora Eriksen

Participating dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Photo of Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse
    Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse

    Danish Bjørk-Mynte has a background in classical ballet, she atteneded The Royal Danish Balletschool in Odense. She went on to get her bachelor degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2018. Herefter she has freelance as dancer and teacher, teaching contemporary dance, lyrical contemporary and yoga.

    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2021.


    Follow Bjørk-Mynte on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Elena Nielsen
    Elena Nielsen

    Danish Elena Nielsen has a background in Latin/Standard dance and classic ballet. She was a student at the Royal Danish Ballet School in Odense and finished her education at Codarts, University of Arts in Rotterdam in 2020. Here she completed her education with an internship at Scapino Ballet.

    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2020.


    Follow Elena Nielsen on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Jasmine Gordon
    Jasmine Gordon

    Danish Jasmine Gordon received her education from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds in 2018. The, she continued her education with a master´s degree and an internship at the Phoenix Dance Theatre. Since then, she has worked with Ingrid Fiksdal and the Royal Danish Theatre.

    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2020.


    Follow Jasmine Gordon on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Jaume Luque Parellada
    Jaume Luque Parellada

    Spanish Jaume Luque Parellada received his education from the Conservatory of Barcelona, where he specialised in contemporary dance. Afterwards from 2016-2018, he was a member of the youth dance company ITDansa which had Catherine Allard as artistic manager.

    He joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2020.

    Follow Jaume Luque Parellada on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Jon Ipina
    Jon Ipina

    Spanish Jon Ipina received his education from Codarts, University of Arts in Rotterdam in 2020 and finished his education with an internship at Skånes Danseteater in Malmö. Here he, amongst others, participated in productions by Ôrjan Andersson and Marcos Morau.

    He joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2020.


    Follow Jon Ipina on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup
    Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup

    Danish Mikkel Alexander Toettrup received his education from the Iwanson International School, München in 2018. Since then, Mikkel has been a part of several productions by Johannes Härtl and Nadine Gerspacher amongst others. Mikkel has composed music and initiated several theatre associations.

    He joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2020.


    Follow Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup on Instagram here.