• Premiere

    March 23rd 2022

  • Duration

    60 minutes

Se spilledatoer

Moon Song

Moon Song is a dance and poetry performance by Holstebro Dance Company, inspired by poems by Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark and read by Thure Lindhardt.

In collaboration with Holstebro Dance Company, Classical Days Holstebro, International Music Festival, Holstebro Art Museum and Danish Talent Academy, Moon Song, a hybrid dance and poetry performance in 12 pictures, is created.

Blended, poetry, dance, and music will create the sensual and beautiful performance “Moon Song”.

The performance will arise in the meeting between four arts and based on selected poems from the collection “I mine lykkelige nætter” by Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.

The poems all have one common denominator; the eternal love – love that was, is, and occurs.

The well-known Danish actor, Thure Lindhardt, will read the poems aloud. Alongside beautiful music and formidable dance, the audience will be seduced, entertained, and marvelled.

Buy tickets for Moon Song at Musikteatret Holstebro here.

Five artistical films in Holstebro

While the nation has been shut down due to Covid-19 and deprived of performances and theathres, the artistical partners of Moon Song have converted the stage performance into five artistical films. The collaboration was joined by the skilled photo- and videographer Tom McKenzie.

The five films are based on the Moon Song-performance and involves the dancers from the show, as well as the established musicians Janne Thomsen on the flute and Jakob Bangsø on guitar.

All the films are recorded on selected locations from our hometown of Holstebro, which has a long history with dance, theatre, and arts. This was done to celebrate the city and give thanks for the support during the pandemic we experience from both the Municipality and the citizens.

Watch the films below.

  • Poetry

    Prins Henrik

  • Actor

    Thure Lindhardt

  • Concept and choreography

    Marie Brolin-Tani & Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Concept, music and flute

    Janne Thomsen

  • Film photographer

    Tom Mckenzie

  • Costume design

    Charlotte Østergaard

  • Guitarist

    Janne Thomsen

  • Producer

    David Cornelius Price

Participating dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Photo of Giorgia Reitani
    Giorgia Reitani

    Italian Giorgia Reitani received her education at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in 2016. Afterwards, she was a member of Tanzcompagniet Volkstheater Rostock (DE). Giorgio has, amongst others, been a part of ”Il Trionfo” at the Royal Danish Theatre.

    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2019. As of season 2021-22 Giorgia a freelance member of the company.


    Follow Giorgia Reitani on Instagram here.