On stage are three people – three women – three dancers – three Ukrainians. Together with six other dancers, they share with the audience a personal insight to the effects of war and the state of being a refugee. A state and thus performance, where powerlessness and uncertainty are inevitably present along with courage and strength.

‘My Quiet Home’ has come into the world with a common desire to help – to help what we can with what we can – and we can dance. The performance is thus created through an artistic collaboration with the three Ukrainian dancers who have fled their homeland after the Russian invasion. Since March 21, 2022, Kateryna Kuznetsova, Yekateryna Bysheva and Oleksandra Maksimchuk have been part of the company, after Holstebro Dansekompagni helped them out of Ukraine.

The creation space, the process and the stage have become a space for processing grief, anger as well as the limbo state in which the three currently find themselves. The stories and experiences of the three Ukrainian dancers have formed the basis for the performance’s content and journey.

The performance starts in the life before the war which is abruptly changed forever by the outbreak of the war. At this moment and thereafter life will never be the same again and either will you. Individually and collectively, the dancers move through phases of shock, grief, anger, denial, courage, urge to act, and powerlessness.  The performance reflects on themes such as the concept of home, powerlessness, community, and mental and emotional survival.

The performance is a fragmented insight into the inner struggle that arises in people fleeing their home. In their perseverance, we experience the quiet but important hope that the performances existence in itself also represents.

The performance is a tribute to the indomitable strength that lies within the woman and individual as well as the notion of community – both the near and the far across global borders and generations. The performance is therefore also created in collaboration with other dancers and is an accumulation of the common creative process with input from all participants.

  • Concept and direction

    David C. Price

  • Choreography

    David C. Price og Marie Brolin-Tani

  • Choreographic assistant

    Paulina Šmatláková

  • New composition and sound design

    Søren Vestergaard

  • Costumer

    Åsa Gjerstad

  • Light design

    Kim Glud

  • Dramaturgy

    Rikke Frigast Hansen

  • Photo and trailer

    Jonas Søgaard

Participating dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Photo of Marie Brolin-Tani
    Marie Brolin-Tani

    Artistic director & choreographer

    Swedish Marie Brolin-Tani has since 2013 been Artistic director at Holstebro Dance Company. As one of the key players within modern Scandinavian dance, she has had a special connection to Aarhus where she for many years worked and lived. First, she worked as a dancer at the Danish National Opera and Aarhus Theatre, since as founder and manager of MBT Dance Theatre - one of the leading dance companies in Denmark.

    Following her time in Aarhus, she became the Artistic directorof the internationally recognised dance company in Skåne, Sweden, where she lead the company towards success and created its current base and expression.

    The long resumé of Marie as both choreographer and instructor of films, theatre, and dance, is marked by a series of recognitions ad awards, including several Reumert nominations and receptions.

    Amongst others, Marie has choreographed the successful performance, "Elsker dig for evigt" for Holstebro Dance Company and the Musikhuset Aarhus.


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