• February 9th - March 19th 2022

    Aarhus Theatre Scala Scene

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Holstebro Dance Company, Sort/Hvid, and Aarhus Theatre join forces for the Gothic Romanticism’s most thrilling and darkest tale, The Sandman

The Sandman is the one who throws sand in the eyes of children, who do not want to sleep, until their eyes start to bleed and rolls out of their head. A figure who day and night haunts young Nathanael and leads him into blinding madness.

Prepare for true horror when Christian Lollike dramatizes E.T.A. Hoffman’s most famous tale, The Sandmand from 1817.

E.T.A. Hoffmann, known as the Godfather of Gothic horror, was famous for his horror stories about dark forces, inner demons, and madness. His masterly stories have influenced literary stars such as R.L. Stevenson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Franz Kafka.

The show is created in collaboration with the noticeable theatre Sort/Hvid, Aarhus Theatre, and Holstebro Dance Company.

The award-winning director and playwriter Jonas Corell Petersen sets the stage for the show. Jonas Corell has, amongst others, been director at the National Theatre in Oslo and is the man behind numerous peculiar and praised shows.

In addition, scenographer David Gehrt creates the space and costumes for the show.

On stage you can experience two of Aarhus Theatre’s new young talents; Andera Øst Birkkjær and Lasse Sten. Six dancers from Holstebro Dance Company, choreographed by Marie Brolin-Tani, complete the setup for this horrific and tantalising story.

The Sandman is presented in collaboration with

  • By

    E.T.A. Hoffmann

  • Playwrite by

    Christian Lollike

  • Music by

    Den Sorte Skole

  • Staged by

    Jonas Corell Petersen

  • Choreography

    Marie Brolin-Tani

  • Scenography & Costume Design

    David Gehrt

  • Light Design

    Anders Kjems

  • Sound Design

    Kim Engelbredt

  • Starring

    Andrea Øst Birkkjær, Lasse Steen