• Premiere

    11th of May 2023

Se spilledatoer


Through secret desire, a couple is led to sexual escapades.

The married couple, Frida and Albert, feels like their relationship is stalled in sexual rutines and is about to die. After an arousing masquerade ball, where they both flirt with others, Frida confides her husband that she longs for an affair. As audience, you are, together with the couple, send on an odyssé into a nightly orgy of erotic excesses. The escapades lead to the limit of the night and the city, the sexuality and the consciousness. To one point where the masks fall and desire is diluted by death.

Arthur Schnitzlers Traumnovelle, in English A Dream Novel, is from 1926 and takes place in the modern and decadent Vienna. The history formed Stanley Kubrichs movie Eyes Wide Shut (1999) with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the leading roles. Artist, Nathalie Mellbye, is in charge of scenography and staging, while the award winning writer and dramaturg, Bjørn Rasmussen, dramatises this modern version of the ritual ball of the flesh and desire at the edge of the abyss. The music group, SOLEN ER SEXET, which among others consists of Bjørn Rasmussen og Lise Westzynthius, is in charge of the musical universe. The music group, who did their record debut in 2022, has a wish to break with stereotypical gender norms and go against a nature-erotic collectivism.

You can look forward to a pounding journey into the temple of sinners. Accompanied by three actors from Aarhus Theatre in a sensuous interplay with dancers from the internationally acknowledged Holstebro Dance Company.

  • By

    Bjørn Rasmussen

  • freely adapted from

    A Dream Novel by Arthur Schnitzler

  • Staging, scenography and costume designs

    Nathalie Mellbye

  • Choreography

    Marie Probil-Tani & David Cornelius Price

  • Music

    Solen er sexet

  • Newly composed by

    O/RIOH, Kim Kim, peachlyfe, Lise Westzynthius

  • Lighting design

    Kim Glud

  • Sound design

    Aki Bech

  • Assisting scenography

    Astrid Lindgreen Hjermind

  • Cast

    Nanna Bøttcher, Kjartan Hansen, Carla Eleonora Feigenberg

  • Photos

    Rumle Skafte

Participating dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni

  • Photo of Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse
    Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse

    Danish Bjørk-Mynte has a background in classical ballet, she atteneded The Royal Danish Balletschool in Odense. She went on to get her bachelor degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2018. Herefter she has freelance as dancer and teacher, teaching contemporary dance, lyrical contemporary and yoga.



    She joined Holstebro Dance Company in the spring of 2021.

  • Photo of Jon Ipina
    Jon Ipina

    Spanish Jon Ipina received his education from Codarts, University of Arts in Rotterdam in 2020 and finished his education with an internship at Skånes Danseteater in Malmö. Here he, amongst others, participated in productions by Ôrjan Andersson and Marcos Morau.

    The Basque Country, Spain


    He joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2020.

    Follow Jon Ipina on Instagram here.

  • Photo of Luke Hodkinson
    Luke Hodkinson

    English Luke started dancing through cheerleading and hip hop, before graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2021. Since then, they has worked across commercial and contemporary settings with the likes of Alexandra Green, Hannah Marshall and Corey Baker, touring pop-up contemporary dance in Scotland and performing in the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

    United Kingdom


    They joined Holstebro Dance Company in the autumn of 2022

    Follow Luke Hodkinson on Instagram here

    Photographer: Ditte Chemnitz

  • Photo of Haizea Andueza
    Haizea Andueza

    Spanish Haizea graduated with a bachelor from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2022. As a part of her Master’s degree, Haizea is an intern at Holstebro Dance Company, during season 2022/2023

    The Basque Country, Spain.


    She is an intern at Holstebro Dance Company, during season 2022/2023

    Follow Haizea Andueza on Instagram here

    Photographer: Ditte Chemnitz